Anna Rubin

The varied works of Anna have been heard throughout North America, Europe, and Asia from 1978 to the present. Beginning with acoustic composition in traditional forms – solo, chamber, and orchestral works for various ensembles - she has focused more recently on the integration of amplified instruments with live electronics as well as ‘electric stories’ – richly layered narrations embedded in digital sound. The special sounds of Baroque instruments -- lute, flute, oboe, recorder and the viola da gamba – have also inspired her to write many works. Her most recent experiments involve composing music that extends the natural and graceful movements of the virtuoso performer ritual and dance.

In addition to two recent awards by the Maryland State Arts Council, she has been honored multiple times by both the Ohio Arts Council and the New York Foundation for the Arts, and named a Fellow of the National Orchestral Association. The Delta Ensemble Gaudeamus Prize was granted to her work De Nacht: Lament for Malcolm X in Holland in 1984. She and co-composer Laurie Hollander were awarded a jury prize by the Aether Festival #1- International Radio Art/Radio Station KUNM, Albuquerque, NM for their piece Family Stories: Sophie, Sally.

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