Sofia Kamayianni

Sofia Kamayianni was born in Athens. Her musical interests cover a wide spectrum of activities and she particularly likes to collaborate and experiment with other artists who follow diverse directions. In recent years she has become increasingly involved in electroacoustic music, composing works for combinations of acoustic instruments and tape or electronic processing as well as performing using live electronics herself.

A consistent special focus in Sofia Kamayianni's activities to date has been on music and multimedia works, highlights of which include her play 'Rabila Co'  (contemporary music, dance, poetry and images) which was staged in the Hororoes Theatre (Athens, 2003) and her experimental project 'MESA sto mesa' of 2006 (actress, video, flute, cello and recorded tape). In 2006 Sofia Kamayianni also took part as a composer and performer in the music theatre work 'The Storytelling Project', which was commissioned and funded as part of the 'European Capital of Culture: Patras 2006', Greece. These productions - amongst many others - took place under the auspices of the artistic society Spiza, of which she is a founder member.

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Ano throsko ("Upward Gaze") (2009)
Arithmosofia-Arithmoplixia (2003)
Clepsydra Mm (2009)
HUMANUS ZPKO9/3-Phase experiment (2001)
I Have Done WIth Phrases
Inconsistency (2000)
Me tropo ypeniktiko ("In an Allusive Way") (2002)
MESA sto mesa ("INSIDE the inside") (2006)
Mia fora ki enan kero... (Once Upon a Time) (2006)
Moveable Types (2004)
Rabila Co (2001)
Stigmi-Anadrasi ("Moment-Feedback") (2002)
The Mirror (2007)
The Mystery of r/r/r (2009)
Three Pieces for String Orchestra (2003)
Vides yia stravoxyla ("Cranky Pasta Recipe") (2006)
Words Without Words (2006)
Workshop of Dreams (2005)