Student Concert

This is a special composition package comprised of several student-leveled pieces that can be performed for any upcoming recital or concert. The program consists of solo, duet, and chamber pieces composed by the women composers of I Resound  and are now available as a packaged bundle that is exceptional for students to perform in an event.



Two seaming… (1998) - Jane Rigler : video here

Snareway to Heaven (1989) - Patrice Repar

States (2002) - Linda Dusman : video here

Sweet Sixteen (2003) - Ruth Lomon : video here

Immersions (1998) - Annea Lockwood

Three Pieces for String Orchestra: Volat (2003) - Sofia Kamayianni : video here

Honeybee Works Suite: Honey, Comb (2010) - Anna Rubin : video here

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