Jane Rigler

for two flutes, or solo flute and playback


The ambiguity of the piece begins with the title. I wrote this piece with the Inuit women’s

vocal games in mind, where two women face each other so closely that the mouth

cavity of one is the resonator for the other. While using a frying pan or other such

device to help resonate their vocalizations, each begin to breathe, sing and vocalize

gestures into the other’s face. This spectacular game ends when the first person begins

to laugh, she, then, becoming the loser of the game.

This flute piece was written for two female flutists. When performed in public, the

intention of this piece is that neither the audience, and perhaps neither the interpreters,

really know who is playing or singing what, being that the timbres and tones match so

well between the voices and flutes. The improvised sections evoke the game: who will

play next? Who will have the last word? Although, in this game, there are no losers.

Ideally, the flutists should also face each other and play the music memorized, but this

is not required. Have fun. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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