Sofia Kamayianni

for string orchestra

ca. 4'15"



1. The Dance of Fifinella

2. Volat

3. Far Away

(NOTE: to be performed separately, or together in this order)


These  three pieces for string orchestra were written at the same time. The commission by ERT (Greek National Radio) in 2003 was to write short (~3minutes long) pieces which did not have to have a relation to each other, so that they could be played separately. However, this would not prevent a composer to connect them in one piece with several movements. I  composed 3 completely  different pieces to each other. However, they could be played as one piece, too. First one, “The dance of Fifinella” was derived from an older music that I had done for a series of fairy-tales. Second one, “Volat” is a made-up word with no meaning in any language. Third one, “Far away” has to do with something that is not very clear and comes from a distance, could be an esoteric memory, a forgotten sense, an external real sound. In a state of a silence mood or place, this “far away” tries to reveal itself.