Sofia Kamayianni

for one violin, three cellos,  and two basses


In ancient times people discovered that the study of numbers and their relation between them could lead them to wisdom, to the knowledge of holy rules--the universal laws?--and to the growth of their mentality. ARITHMOSOFIA .

What are numbers for us today? An endless expression of quantity? What happened to their previous quality? It seems that we are living in a cataclysm among thousands crazy numbers, which “allow” us to communicate. ARITHMOPLIXIA.

So, this piece had the meaning to show the huge distance between the wisdom of "number" (arithmos-sofia) in ancient times and its devolution nowadays where you use it and you hear it everywhere and all the time in a crazy, absurd way. The exaggeration of the text in the second movement shows this frenetic reality.


The piece was selected in 2004 for the annual contemporary music workshops held in the Athens Megaron concert hall and organized by the Greek Composers' Union under the direction of Theodore Antoniou.