Ruth Lomon

for flute, TAB flute, B-flat clarinet, piano, violoncello, and vibraphone


1. Mizmaze 2. Warp and Weft 3. Navajo: Weaving the Yei 4. Penelope’s Web

1. ‘Mizmaze’ is an intricate network of pathways enclosed by hedges or plantations.

2. ‘Warp and Weft’ has two textures running through the movement to create a musical ‘warp and weft’. The pizzicato of the ‘cello throughout the movement is intertwined with the melodic lines of the other instruments.

3. ‘Navajo: Weaving the Yei’ refers to the Navajo rugs that have the figures of the Yei, Navajo deities, woven into the rugs. You will hear references to songs of the Navajo and some chants.

4. ‘Penelope’s Web’ is a proverbial expression for work which is ongoing but never completed. The myth gave me a frame for the changing textures of this movement, building a thick texture with all the instruments and thinning to long solo flute passages accompanied by vibraphone tremolo chords.