Lois V Vierk

for solo accordion


The myriad timbres and expressive dynamics of the accordion have always been a wonder to me. The instrument's deep and powerful sounds, its penetrating middle register with octave doublings, its high-pitched soft, fragile, colors are all full of interest and are gorgeous. Unlike a piano, where the struck notes die away, an accordion held-note can dramatically or gently crescendo and decrescendo. Many kinds of accents and dynamic shapes are possible. Dynamics make the music flow.

Blue jets and red sprites are two kinds of lightning that flare at the outer limits of earth's atmosphere. They flash high above a thunderstorm, appearing over the part of the storm that is producing the most powerful cloud-to-ground lightning. One theory of juets and sprites holds that after a strong lightning bolt there is an upward rush of electrons. As the electrons surge upward in a kind of upside down avalanche they eventually collide with nitrogen molecules. This makes them glow blue or, at higher altitudes, flash bloodred.

These descriptions of visual and aural events were my starting points in writing the music.

Blue Jets Red Sprites was commissioned by Guy Klucevsek.

Recording is by Guy Klucevsek, accordion

Please note that the score has been slightly updated.  The recording does not contain those updates so it will not completely match the score. 

from CD:

Starkland ST-209 "Guy Klucevsek: Free Range Accordion"



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