Lois V Vierk

for four accordions


Many of my works from the 1980's are for ensembles of like-instruments--8 cellos, 18 trombones, 8 violins, 8 ryuteki flutes, etc., and this work for 4 accordions. In these pieces two or more of the instruments act together, forming a "sound shape". The beginning of this work consists of relatively simple sound shapes of trills and tremolos. The piece unfolds slowly. It utilizes principles which I call "exponential structure" in which rates of change of musical materials are constantly increasing by an exponential factor. Gradually these materials develop into more complex and dynamic scales, repeated chords and clusters, accents and dynamic patterns. Over a 20-minute time span Manhattan Cascade is transformed from a gentle flow of sound to its cascading conclusion, crashing like a giant waterfall.


This piece was commissioned by Guy Klucevsek.

Vierk: Manhattan Cascade, for 4 piano­‐accordions      

Recording is by Guy Klucevsek, accordion      

from CD: New World Records NWCR626 "Manhattan Cascade"

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