Lois V Vierk

for 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, and 2 bass trombones


This 22-minute work unfolds slowly, and it gradually builds in intensity to a dynamic and expansive lcimax. At first, languid descending glissandi flow acress the space from choir to choir. Little by little the materials develop, pitch relationships become more complex and faster moving, the work becomes rhythmic, glissandi get fster and change direction, the register expands. At its climax the piece settles into arpeggios acress the range of the instruments, against fortissimo chords and bass trombone pedal tones.

Jagged Mesa was premiered in 1990 at St Mark's Church in the Bowery, on New York City's lower East Side, with a mdern dance choreographed by Risa Jaroslow. St. Mark's Church is a big, cavernous space, with balcony around the top, and a beautiful modern dance floor below. There is a long reverberation time in the church. The piece was composed with this in mind. Brass players were in the balcony--3 players on each side--and the composer conducted from below, on the same level as the dancers. Sounds in the piece are written to overlap. The slowly-moving tones and glissandi blend and resonate in the space.


Recording is by: 

Gary Trosclair, trumpet

Bruce Eidem, trombone

Christopher Banks, bass trombone

from CD:

Tzadik 7056 "Lois V Vierk: River Beneath the River"

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