Patricia Ann Repar

flute/piccolo, B-flat clarinet, voice, violin, violoncello, contrabass, and tape

ca. 11'00"


Note to performers and listeners: written in celebration of my cousin Jerry Leon who made the last of his many adventures on earth while skiing in February of 2004.

Note to self: Find the Hawaiian chant secretly embedded on the ‘Ulalena’ CD; And on ‘The Master Chanters of Hawaii’ use “e ulu, e ulu, kini o ke akua” (Inspire us, inspire us, O gods).

Note to Jerry:            whispers of other times and places

                                    both mythic and real

                                    souls and gypsies

                                    long passed and yet to come

                                    but I see you

                                    bright, strong, and clear

                                    like water

                                    atop, within, above, and beyond

                                    Red Mountain.


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