Linda Dusman

for clarinet in B-flat and trombone



An I Ching hexagram entitled Lake, Thunder describes energy in a state of rest. According to this ancient text, thunder drops below the lake in winter to restore itself. As an analogue, this composition explores the concept of evoking energy without movement via the color changes in clarinet “same note” trills; the trombone as a “natural” instrument, without equal tempered adjustments; and the rhythm of beating patterns that result from coupling equal and non-equal tempered unisons. An unusual “tuning” etude for this unusual duo results. The piece was composed partially while in residence at the Gardarev Foundation in Point Reyes, California, and I am grateful for that time as well as for the suggestions from Patrick Crossland and E. Michael Richards about the special techniques employed.


The recording heard when viewing the score was performed by E. Michael Richards, clarinet, and Patrick Crossland, trombone. 


Click here to view the score.