Patricia Ann Repar

Solo Trombone and Fixed Media

ca. 14'00"


"The main misconception about the bones, then, is that they are made up of dead tissue."

-- Dr. D.R. Johnson, Centre for Human Biology


Jawbone chatters away, singin' the blues of ocean and rock,

skeletal bits of earth

imprinted with birds and star beings.

Sara sings the joik--banned but alive--her Saami, Lapplander voice

chanting essences of someone or something

ever changing, no beginning on end.

Mourning Dove sings the story of Coyote who got down safely

by turning himself first into a pine needle--falling fast--

and then into a leaf floating gently to the ground.

I dance to Julia and Debbie sings Danny Boy,

our bones compressing and stretching

pulsing with and responding to neuropeptides, cellular receptors, and

memory upon memory-alive-

and enmeshed with the songs of Jawbone and Sara and Mourning Dove.