Anna Rubin

versions for violin, modern oboe, baroque oboe and fixed media

ca. 5'30"



Stolen Gold (1991/rev. 2007) is a work in three versions featuring fixed media along with amplified baroque oboe, modern oboe and violin. In each case, the live instrumental was refashioned to suit the performer and the instrument. The original version for baroque oboe was done in collaboration with Deborah Nagy. Her virtuosity with the keyless instrument allowed me to compose long glissandi which are extremely difficult on the modern keyed instrument. Modern oboist Patricia Moorhead asked for a version for modern oboe and violinist Airi Yoshioka later asked for a version for violin. In all cases, the live instrument is amplified. The fixed media was composed while I was in residence at the Brooklyn College Center for Computer Music using the CSound synthesis program. Clouds of pointillistic sound contrast with drone and glissandi, acting as a counterpart to a highly decorated melodic part in the solo instrument. The piece has been performed throughout the US by a variety of performers.

The version for violin has been recorded by Airi Yoshioka on the Albany label (Troy 1305).


Click here to view the score.

Click here to hear the recording (YouTube)